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We are very happy and proud to announce that we have won the prestigious Infosys Business of the Year Award (for companies with a turnover under 60 million Euros).

The European Business Awards are sponsored by HSBC, the world’s largest finance sector company. They were created to recognize and encourage business excellence, best practices and innovation in European business. The EBAs were presented in Paris.

300 of Europe’s most important companies came together at the ceremony to learn who had won each of the ten categories. Our founder and President Tomás Diago was asked to represent Softonic, and despite not knowing what the outcome would be, he knew that the entire team of almost 200 employees at Softonic would be behind him all the way.

The jury of the EBAs are important representatives of politics and business. Tomás presented the Softonic project to the jury in London in September, convincing them of our achievements, ambition and our desire to offer the best possible service to our users. The EBA jury also takes into account factors like ethics, future growth and the company’s workforce.

Adrian Tripp, the CEO of the awards organization said, “My congratulations to all of today’s winners, to win an Award is a remarkable tribute, as each year our judges raise the standard of expectation and are a tough bunch to please. It’s been an honor to see the companies win and we’re looking forward to seeing their success stories continue”.

HSBC Group General Manager and Global Co-Head Commercial Banking, Alan Kier believes “it is essential that we acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding resourcefulness, entrepreneurialism and innovation that are driving success across the region and our reputation on the world stage.” He added that, ”This year’s winning businesses should provide inspiration for organizations across Europe.”

Without a doubt, recognition like this is great motivation for us to work with even greater enthusiasm to push Softonic forward.

In the words of Tomás Diago: “We are extremely proud to have received an award of this caliber, given every year to the most important European businesses. This award, which recognizes as one of the best companies in Europe, is a tribute to the work of everyone involved and encourages us to continue working to maintain leadership in our industry.”

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